Photography includes :
With mobile phone camera or camera (single picture or collection)
Short Documentaries
Rules and Regulations :

With regard to all the customary laws in similar rituals such as elegies, festivals, and artistic photography competitions in addition to commitment to the related laws and adherence to the time limit, the following regulation will be implemented:

Photography Rules and Regulations :
  • The competition will not take place for single photos.
  • The theme of the competition is photo journaling and things alike.
  • The photos must not be edited in a way that would hinder their documentary aspect.
  • Each photographer can submit up to 10 single shots.
  • Photos taken with mobile phone cameras can also be submitted with the condition of their capacity for enlargement.
  • Photos can either be in color or black and white.
  • It is not mandatory for photos to include a caption. However, if a photo includes an appropriate caption, it will be considered in the juries’ final verdict.
  • It is advised for the photographers to present elaboration on matters that are not obvious in the photos but to refrain from stating the obvious.
  • The quality of the photos, caption, and title of the photos can gain points with the juries.
  • The board of directors will forward the attached text to the juries without any editing.
  • The size of the photos must be at least 1000 and at most 3000 pixels.
  • The photos must be 300 pixels in DPI, between 1 to 3 mb, with JPG file type, and in RGB format.
  • The photos will be exhibited in the manner they were submitted by the photographer.
  • Photos submitted must have been taken in the recent year.
  • It would be best if the participants refrain from sending photos that have already won in other competitions.
  • The photographer is obliged to immediately present the board of directors with the original file and an enlarged photo should it be required. Otherwise, the photo will be dropped from the competition.
  • The information written in the registration form, titles, and descriptions will be used in matters of publishing and exhibition. For this reason, the photographer is responsible regarding the validity of such information.
  • The holder of the festival is permitted to use the photos that have entered the competition in ads, publishing, books, and exhibitions with the condition of stating the owner of the work.
  • All rights of the photos belong to the photographer and the holder of the festival is not permitted to sell their work.
  • In the case that a compilation of the photos should be made into a book, they will be gifted to the participants to photographers whose work have made it into the competition.
  • Should a participant break any of the rules, they will be dropped out of the competition regardless of the stage they have reached.
  • Registration and submission of the photos can only be done through the event website at: revayatarbaeen
  • The completion and submission of the registration form indicate that the participant has accepted all the terms and conditions.
Clips Short Documentaries Rules and Regulations :
  • Clips should not be longer than 15 minutes but there is no time limit for documentaries.
  • Each artist is allowed to submit 3 pieces in each category.
  • The clips must be in the form that they were sent in mp4 format, at most 200 mb in size. After they have been assessed and judged they will be received in their original format from the creator.
  • It is mandatory for the owner of the piece to register in the elegy event.
  • Work sent to the board of directors will not be returned to its original owner.
  • The main board of directors is permitted to publish and broadcast the work on different networks.