Writing and Composition

Writing and Composition includes :
Memoir and Travelogue
Rules and Regulations :
Rules and Regulations of Travelogue :
  • Participants are allowed to take part in all categories in accordance with their related regulations.
  • The board of directors holds the right to use the writings in books, special issues, social media, etc.
  •  By submitting their work in the event, the participants thereby transfer the rights of the work to the board of directors of the event.
  •  It is advised for each work to have only one title
  •  The work submitted should be related to at least one of the noted categories.
  •  A travelogue is a description of travels in which the author describes their observations of the state of the cities or lands they have traveled to. This is in addition to information about historical monuments, mosques, customs, geographical location, weather, the local language, etc.
  •  The travelogue should include practical and useful information to help the reader in their travel experience.
  •  The travelogue must be at least 20 and at most 50 Word pages with 14 B Mitra font
  •  Participants are allowed to use the experiences of others in their travelogue.
  •  Each participant can submit 3 works in the travelogue sub-section.
  •  Writings should be submitted in Word file and docx format.
Rules and Regulations Regarding Memoirs and Poems:
  • Poems must only be related to the noted topics.
  • All forms of poetry (classic or contemporary) are accepted.
  • Each participant can enter at most 5 works to the board of directors.
  • The board of directors holds the right to use the poems in books, special issues, social media, etc.
  • In order to check the submitted works by any means, it is necessary to complete registration in the event portal.
  • Submission of works must be in Word file and in docx format.